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Licenciatura en Docencia de Idiomas

Modalidad Semiescolarizada

Subject: Diseño y elaboración de Medios Educativos

Teacher: Lic. Margarita Sarlat

Final project

By: Sofía Margarita Espinoza Verduzco

Matrícula: 3/15374

Ilustración 1

Ensenada B.C. May 26th, 2009


The project that I display next corresponds to a necessity that I detected in a second level group of children from 6 to 8 years old at a private institution. This group comes to class 3 hours every Saturday. The necessity I detected in this group is the need to produce a material for unit 5 where numbers from 1 to 100 must be taught. In this lesson they only have 2 short activities to practice numbers from 1 to 100. I was not provided with the teacher's book the only tool I have is the student book that is why I felt the necessity to create a material mainly for this lesson. I decided to elaborate two sets of cards that could be handy for this group taking into account their age the material should be resistant. The result of the material elaborated was more helpful that I expected because cards are easy to carry in a small case so children have access to them at any time.

This Project is created for a second level children group of English at: Universidad Xochicalco. It is a private institution that besides having different careers for adults; it has language classes every Saturday as well. They are: French, Italian, and English. These classes are for all levels, from kids to adults. Each level is designed for 6 months.

This second level group of English is formed by 11 children from 6 to 8 years old, 4 boys and 7 girls. Their mother tongue is Spanish. At home they speak only Spanish. Most of the students are from a high and medium economic situation. Children come to class 3 hours on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Teachers hired by this institution must have some experience on teaching.

The teachers who work in this institution are students of Licenciatura de Idiomas at U.A.B.C. (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California), and teachers who work for government institutions S.E.B. (Secretaría de Educación Básica)

The coursebook that the institution decided for the English class in first and second semesters is: Mega Flash Plus 1, Author: Dinorah Pouse, Editorial: Mc Graw Hill. This book is to be used for 2 semesters. Now it is being used in second level group. The student book and a C. D. are divided in 10 units. It has a grammar approach.

There are several aspects that took me to consider this project to create teaching material. I don't have a teacher's book; I bought the student book in order to prepare my classes. The C.D. that is included in the student book is been useless from classes because my students are not allowed to use the computers and they need to be guided through the activities on it. In unit 1 the numbers are taught from 1 to 10. While kids move through unit 5 there are several activities to reinforce the 10 numbers learned. In unit 5 the numbers must be taught from 11 to 100. I found out that this part was very hard for them. The necessity I found for this unit is that children need to reinforce more often numbers from 11 to 100 because they forget very easy

The theory behind as a reference we have according to Fred Percival Henry Ellington and (1992) all teaching/learning systems are divided into three broad groups; mass instructions techniques, individualized instruction, and group learning techniques. About designing instructional materials; teachers require making a decision of what materials will they need in order the students accomplish their goals on learning. Teachers need to be competent on selecting and designing suitable materials to be significant for the students. According to Piaget, learning is what results from both mental and physical maturation plus experience. In order to accomplish our student's goals we have to consider their: background, age, culture, learning styles, level etc.

The material I decided to elaborate for unit 5, page 77, is a listening activity called "numbers from I to 100" and it consists of: two sets of numbers, two of each one in each set from 0 to 9.

Goal: children will recognize the numbers from 1 to 100.

Aim: Children will hear the numbers and understand them.

Children will increase their listening ability.

Children will be able to repeat what they hear precisely.

Resources: a C D player and a C D, two sets of cards with numbers, two of each one from 0 - 9.


1. Explain the objectives of the activity.

2. Put children in two teams with a set of cards for each team.

3. Play the C. D.

4. Children hear the number and repeat it. Among them look for the number and determine if it is exact or not.

5. Children place the number they hear on the board.

6. The team who places the exact number first on board gains one point.

7. At the end of the activity, the team with more points will be the winner.

The student book Mega Flash Plus 1, is divided in 10 units. Its language content is based on language form, this aspect is grammar. The language skills that are taught in this course are: reading and writing. It syllabus is structural. The progression is linear, it recycles grammar items. The presentation and practice of grammar items is related to what has previously learned.

Students and I enjoyed this activity because they stay in classroom 2 hours and a half. They only have 30 minutes for break so a physical activity is a relief for them at the middle of the class because children are active and cannot be sited for long periods of time. Children enjoyed working in two teams usually they like to participate boys against girls and second when playing the C. D. the time is set because they have few seconds to decide the number of the listening activity which makes it more challenging.


Elaborating teaching materials sometimes is not too cheap but we have to consider that if we are going to elaborate our material is worth to spend a little money because this must resist our and our student's hands. This time I did not spend too much I used: hard paper (papel cascarón), contact paper, markers, scissors, a cutter and a plastic box. This material can be used at any level because all the numbers can be formed.


Ellington H. and Race P. (1992)Producing Teaching Materials, Kogan page , London, second edition

  1. sarlat saidFri, 29 May 2009 22:10:10 -0000 ( Link )

    Congratulations Sofia,

    This material is ready for you to present it at Congreso the Idiomas.

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  2. sarlat saidSat, 30 May 2009 22:08:20 -0000 ( Link )

    You might check your final grades on http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p0Ok6SW5UkkNoYm8jewhIQQ

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